Tongue-Tie – Chicago, IL

Understanding the Problem to Solve It

Whether you’re a parent caring for an infant or an adult currently dealing with speech and sleep problems, Tongue-Ties can spell trouble for people of all ages. While this condition can be extremely frustrating, Chicago Tongue-Tie Center can offer a proven solution that leads to lasting results. To better understand this condition and why it should be treated in the first place, you’ll find a lot of helpful information below about treatment for Tongue-Tie in our Chicago, IL specialty dental office.

Why Choose Chicago Tongue-Tie Center for Tongue-Tie Treatment?

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What is a Tongue-Tie?

Closeup of crying infant with Tongue-Tie

You’ve likely have heard the term “tongue-tied” before, but a tongue-tie refers to a band of fibrous tissue found beneath the tongue that greatly limits its range of motion. This tissue is called the frenulum, and normally, it is supposed to loosen and lengthen during the last few weeks of gestation. This doesn’t always happen, however, leading to a tongue that is literally pinned down in the mouth.

What are the Signs of a Tongue-Tie?

Parent holding crying baby with Tongue-Tie

For infants, the indications of a tongue-tie become very apparent during feeding. Often, the baby will have a lot of difficulty latching and getting a steady flow of milk/formula. In older children and adults, issues like lisps and other speech impediments can develop. A tongue-tie can also lead to snoring/sleep-breathing problems that cause someone to constantly feel tired throughout the day. 

What Should You Do About a Tongue-Tie?

Father and child smiling together after Tongue-Tie treatment

If you suspect that you or your child is dealing with a Tongue-Tie, then the best thing you can do is bring them to the Chicago Tongue-Tie Center. We offer FREE consultations, during which we will closely examine a patient's mouth to determine if they are dealing with a tongue(or lip) tie. If they are, we can answer any questions and schedule a quick laser frenectomy to solve the problem.

The Benefits of Treating a Tongue-Tie

Young child eating an apple thanks to Tongue-Tie treatment

It isn’t an understatement to say that fixing a tongue-tie can literally give a patient a lifetime of benefits. This is especially true for infants, who will be able to feed more easily, which will help them hit their developmental milestones more dependably, plus the switch to solid food will be much easier. For older children and adults, removing a tongue-tie immediately leads to increased daily comfort, plus it allows them to speak clearly and easily. Sleep usually improves after treatment as well, which greatly supports all aspects of mental and physical health.