Frequently Asked Lip & Tongue-Tie Questions – Chicago, IL

Ask Your Lip & Tongue-Tie Experts

Parents and patients alike ask our team a lot of questions every day, and we always take the time to answer them. You are welcome to give our team a call, but first, be sure to read through our responses to some of our most popular questions below.

What causes a lip or tongue-tie?

The lips and tongue are supposed to separate from the rest of the mouth during the last few weeks of gestation, but this doesn’t always happen, leading to a lip or tongue-tie. The underlying cause is still being determined, but research points to certain genetic factors having a big influence.

Do lip & tongue-ties only affect babies?

While these conditions are typically associated with infants, they can greatly affect patients of all ages, including teens and adults. The same eating and breathing problems seen in babies can easily follow a person throughout their life if they aren’t treated early, which is why we perform frenectomies for patients of all ages!

Does a laser frenectomy hurt?

Thanks to our team’s use of the LightScalpel laser, our frenectomies are extremely comfortable—so much so that even babies often need little or no anesthetic. The laser cauterizes nerve endings as it works, which blunts the body’s pain response. Some oral tenderness is normal afterward, but it is typically minimal and can be easily managed with OTC medication.

How long does a frenectomy take?

Typically, only a few minutes, but the exact time will differ from patient to patient depending on the degree of their lip or tongue-tie.

How long does it take to recover from a frenectomy?

The oral tissue tends to heal very quickly, which is why we always schedule a follow-up appointment about a week after a patient has been treated. Following our aftercare program can speed up this process while also helping a patient relearn how to use their mouth now that it can move normally.

Can I use dental insurance to pay for a frenectomy?

In many cases, yes. There are several dental insurance plans that offer coverage for frenectomies, and to see if this includes yours, then we recommend giving our team a call.

Can I use medical insurance to pay for a frenectomy?

We do accept medical insurance plans that have benefits for lip and tongue-tie care. To learn whether or not your plan offers coverage, contact our team, and we’ll answer all of your questions.