Infant Lip and Tongue-Tie Treatment – Chicago, IL

Help Your Baby Thrive with Better Oral Function

Nothing can come close to the bond between a parent and their newborn child, especially when breastfeeding. Numerous studies have found how beneficial nursing is, not only emotionally and mentally but also physically for both you and your infant. However, a small piece of oral tissue underneath the tongue and/or lip could be standing in the way. If you think your infant may have a tongue-tie, contact our practice for an appointment today to see if a laser frenectomy in South Loop is right for them!

Breastfeeding Problems May Not Be Your Fault

breastfeeding mom and a baby needing lip & tongue-tie treatment in South Loop

Contrary to popular belief, breastfeeding does not always come easily to everyone. In fact, there are many reasons why this “natural” process can be challenging, especially if your baby isn’t latching on properly. Before you blame yourself or decide to quit trying to nurse, consider the possibility that your baby could have a lip or tongue-tie. This thick, short, and restrictive piece of tissue could be preventing your infant’s tongue from rising up high enough to create suction on the nipple. By freeing the tongue, you could enable your baby to latch on correctly and make the breastfeeding experience better for both of you.

Benefits of a Laser Frenectomy

laser frenectomy in South Loop

In the past, traditional frenectomies were performed using a scalpel and required sutures afterward. Needless to say, it was a minor surgical procedure with a longer recovery period. With laser technology, our team at Chicago Tongue-Tie Center makes the process more comfortable and faster for your tiny one. The concentrated laser gently removes the restrictive tissue and cauterizes at the same time, meaning your infant should experience very little bleeding or discomfort. In fact, they may not need a local anesthetic at all! And the best part is that they should be ready to breastfeed basically right away with instant improvement.

How a Lip & Tongue-Tie Expert Can Help

baby with a tongue-tie in South Loop

Whether you decide to continue breastfeeding or go to bottle feeding, if your baby has a tongue-tie, it needs to be addressed with a tongue-tie expert. At Chicago Tongue-Tie Center, our board-certified pediatric dentists have the specialized training and technology to provide the best care for your little one, the kind of tender, compassionate care we would want for our own babies. So don’t wait to treat your infant’s tongue-tie—create the close bond you deserve with your baby and put them on the path toward oral wellness.